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Mastering Dyslexia
Blackness Road

Main Contact: Elizabeth Shepherd

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Do you have the Gift of Dyslexia?

Can’t concentrate? Co-ordination problems? Can’t sit still? Frustrated? Forgetful? Struggling to write? Can’t read? Daydreamer? Maths problems? Spelling difficulties? One in seven people struggle like this. Ron Davis did too until he developed the programme which has helped thousands of people of all ages worldwide.

Ron Davis had problems like these until he realised he had a different way of thinking... and he needed a different way of learning.

The Davis® programme uses a person’s natural learning ability in a new way. Harness your creativity with this drug free, no drill, hands-on, multi-sensory approach, Simple techniques to control energy levels and experience how it feels to be able to focus and stay on task. An approach that puts the student (child or adult) in control of their dyslexia and shows then how to master whatever they want to learn. An exciting and positive way forward for people with learning differences. A one-to-one programme of around 30 hours enables effective learning customised to the individual’s needs.

Dyslexics are highly aware of the environment, are more curious than average and think mainly in pictures instead of words. They are highly intuitive and insightful and think multi-dimensionally (using all the senses). They have vivid imaginations and can experience thought as reality.

Recommended reading: The Gift of Dyslexia by Ronald D Davis – available as an audio book and also as an e-book.

“Since A. did the Davis Programme there has been a steady and consistent improvement in every aspect of his school work.”

“My confidence around reading and actually enjoying the process has shot up 200% and I am currently reading 3 books plus tomorrow I will collect my books to commence my studying. I am now very confident that I will do well in the exams.” M age 37

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